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With the use of HCG drops becoming popular, which diet drops are most effective for losing weight? HCG Comparisonis a guide to safely choosing the best HCG and other diet drops.

NOTE: The FDA has banned the distribution of the HCG hormone. Any company currently selling or claiming to sell products including the hcg hormone is a dangerous and untrustworthy source. However, “HCG” sellers that have succeeded in naturally replicating the hcg hormone effects are strongly recommended.

So, which “hCG” really works?!


Biomazing HCG Diet Drops


Biomazing Hcg outperforms all other hcg diet drops available, with overwhelmingly positive results reported by customers. Many users report it is even more effective than homeopathic products that used the hcg hormone before the recent FDA ban. Biomazing HCG is an all-natural supplement that efficiently mimics the HCG hormone’s weight loss effects. The diet follows Dr.Simeons’ original research and diet protocol. Biomazing drops include easy step-by-step instructions, recommended recipes, and available support at all times. Biomazing HCG delivers the safest, most effective and FASTEST weight loss results.

The Biomazing HCG™ diet strongly recommends sticking to a 500-800 calorie diet while taking the diet drops. Though it is not required, the stricter the diet is followed in all respects, the better the results. With this flexible number, dieters can gauge their comfort level while still achieving the most effective results (500 calories a day will generate the most drastic results). While 500 calories may sound low, remember these are the only calories you are consuming or consciously eating, not the number of calories burned on a daily basis. This diet is not about starving your body on a low calorie diet like most diets are, so we again agree with their recommendation. The average adult should consume about 2000 calories daily. While taking the hcg drops, they are signaling to the brain to release stored body fat which can be anywhere from 1500 to 4000 calories at a time. So the body is not simply operating on 500 calories a day. This calorie dense fat keeps the body functioning and is also why you will not feel hungry, tired or experience any other negative effects, since your body is technically “eating” regularly.


Furthermore, Biomazing HCG™ is certified as all natural. The company states the product is made of 100% natural ingredients that are proven to work, and that they wouldn’t want to sell you anything less. You can view the bottle label, which is posted on their site so you can see for yourself.

Also, beware of competing companies selling similar imitations products for extremely cheap prices. These products are usually created with inferior ingredients. Rather, they are padding their “hcg” with additives and artificial ingredients, which we recommend you stay away from. Natural, effective ingredients are the goal, which is exactly what Biomazing™ delivers. Biomazing hcg™’s use of a high-potency formula is what makes it far superior to its competitors.



More Amazing Benefits of Biomazing HCG Diet Drops

***With careful consideration and research, hcgcomparison.com™ deems Biomazing HCG the only safe, effective HCG choice. Though our site used to feature multiple hcg suppliers, with recent FDA bans on the hcg hormone we no longer support those sellers. Likewise, companies attempting to replicate the hormone’s effects have fallen short, so much so we currently only reccomend Biomazing HCG. However, in hopes of supplying a better array of options, the two additional diet drops featured on the site are suggestions for other diet drops, upon your own personal investigation.


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